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So the dream is…

Full disclosure: this is not my first blog. I have tried to blog twice before; both times were rather unsuccessful. Blogging, to me, feels like uploading thoughts into the ether of the Internet. The motives of hardcore bloggers mystify me.

However, I will say this is the first time I’ve given a mission to my blog. What I would like to examine is what I would be doing right now, today, in a perfect world. With that paradigm, this blog may evade the great Internet orphanage, where my previous two blogs and my Xanga account from 2003 are currently wallowing.

That’s the dream. That this blog will serve as a form of me identifying what I wish I was doing. John Stuart Mill wrote about the differences between higher and lower pleasures; he notes that most men, not deliberately, end up opting for lower pleasures because they’re easier to partake in, or more people prefer them, etc. I see this as a forum to note the higher pleasures I would pursue if I were not juggling responsibilities.